Binary Boy is an orientation flipping game. Play through five distinct levels with original music, art, and SFX. As Binary boy, players can only walk side to side and flip up and down. Using this flipping mechanic, they must maneuver their way through puzzling enemies and bosses. Because the game becomes very challenging very fast, there are checkpoints before every obstacle. The game should be played in one sitting.


”One-trick ponies have a bum rap. A circus trainer’s lack of creativity and pony-training skill (and, likely, compassion) are not the fault of the pony, yet they’re the ones who have gone down in history as tiresome performers worthy of our derision. Well, I think it’s time we destigmatize ”one-trick pony,” and Binary Boy will serve as the official game of this movement.”


”It’s an impressively intelligent little sidescroller. While appearances may suggest a retro platformer, there’s actually no platforming involved, and the sadly brief journey ends up in some gasp-inducingly psychedelic places. Basically, Binary Boy’s not what you’re expecting it to be, and it’s almost certainly better.”