Binary Boy is an short online game also for PC.
The game consists of five distinct colorful levels
withoriginal graphics, music, and sound.
The mechanics are very simple and literally straightforward.
Binary Boy walks on a line, and must pass hordes of
enemies as well as boss battles by flipping up and down.

Plexus is a bullet-hell with data-moshing-esque graphics
made in two weeks for a Gamejolt competition.
The theme of the competition was chaos. I made
the game on a road trip from California to New Mexico.
It is rough around the edges, and the game never ends.
The competition tought me that making good games takes time.

Project Pixel(working title) is a huge dream project of mine.
This original gameplay demo is an early start, it is 1/100th
of the amount of work I have put into the project thus far.
This demo really has nothing to do with the larger project
accept for a few asthetics, but it is still really fun.