LineWorld is a full length game with a simple yet powerful design tool. It has been in development since October.
The game uses a vector animated system. The design tool is easy to use for anyone as it resembles a paint program.
Simply by clicking screen you can create emmersive worlds. All the graphics can be created within the game
by drawing levels and creating models which can be assigned to players and enemies, or used as objects and scenery
The gameplay in Lineworld is also customizable, you can make platformers, top-down adventure games, or not a game at all
Lineworld has a easy to use music sequencer with a wide array of instruments to create the perfect soundtrack to your game
Although the design tool is very hackable it is also very accessable to a first time user, taking only minutes to understand
The final game will have a gallery where designers can upload their game, as well as play and rate other games. If you have any ideas or want further information about Lineworld
Please email me at data-fi@biz